4 Steps to Follow when Moving to a Smaller House


Joanne runs an interior design company in Nairobi – and she’s done well for a couple of years. However, since the last general elections, things have not been easy on her. Business has been slow and it’s reached a point where she can no longer sustain her current lifestyle.

After months of deliberation, she’s decided to move from her four bedroom house behind The Junction Mall, to a much more smaller and affordable house in Woodley area.

There comes a point in life when moving to a smaller house is the most reasonable thing to do. However, the thought of downsizing can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to face a whole new phase of your life, you most likely have more items than your new smaller home can accommodate.

For instance, when moving from three bedroom to a one bedroom house, there are certain items that you will not move with to your new house – there will be no space for them.

It even becomes more complicated when you are moving to a house with smaller spaces; for instance, moving from a three bedroom bungalow to a much smaller three bedroom apartment. You may need all your bedroom furniture, but you may not be able to fit all your living room or dining room furniture.

Here are four steps you should follow in order to make the best decisions throughout the downsizing process.

Step 1: Prepare your mind

Downsizing demands that you change your mindset; and it’s probably the most challenging aspect of downsizing. It’s normal to feel limited and overwhelmed. However, lot’s of good things come with downsizing; like easier upkeep, lower maintenance costs, among others. To make this mindset shift easier on you, try thinking of these benefits of downsizing and keep them in mind.

Step 2: Decide on what to let go

You should then decide on what you will need most in your new house; not everything you want to have will find space there.

Therefore, you should prepare a list of the items that you must have – and be honest with yourself; otherwise, you may end up keeping things you don’t necessarily need.

Identifying your most important things right from the beginning should make the rest of the process easier.

Step 3: Get rid of what you don’t need

Probably, you have a couple of clothes you’ve not put on in two years, or a TV set that you no longer use. This is the time to let the go. You can choose to give them away as donations, to friends and relatives, or sell them through platforms like Olx.

If you don’t intent to immediately dispose some of the things you will not need in your new house – maybe you are thinking to moving back to a bigger house within a few months, or you simply need more time before letting go of everything; it makes sense to rent a storage space.

Step 4: Organize what remains

Once you’ve sold, donated or stored the extra items, organize anything else that you are going to keep. Get handy boxes, fabric bins and dividers that can help you make good use of the spaces available in your new house.


With all these done, you can now sit back and look for a good moving company; that will help you pack and transport the remaining items to your new smaller house.

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