How to Find the Best Movers in Nairobi

movers in nairobi

With thousands of options to choose from, how do you find the best movers in Nairobi?

This is a question that many residents of Nairobi are grappling with.

Finding a reputable moving company in Nairobi requires going under the hood and doing some research – otherwise, you may incur lots of losses during your move.

And that’s exactly what Lillian, a banker based in Nairobi, went through during her move from Ngong Town to Embakasi last month.

After searching on Facebook, for movers in Nairobi, she decided to go with one that offered her the cheapest deal of Ksh 15,000 to move her 2 Bedroom apartment.

On the move day, this moving company sent in two people to handle the move.

As she would later learn, this company did not have any truck neither did they have any employees.

They enlisted the services of ‘vijana wa mtaa’ and a hired lorry to move Lillian.

At the end of the day, a few items were broken and some of them missing.

Such experiences are not unusual. Some of these movers in Nairobi would quote the lowest prices and then, on the move day, resort to unprofessional practices.

How do you avoid such movers in Nairobi?

To ensure that you get the best movers in Nairobi, consider taking these steps.

i) Get Referrals

Searching the web for movers in Nairobi can be quite a challenge.

Instead, start by asking friends, family members and coworkers if they can recommend any moving companies.

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ii) Compare Quotes

To get the best, you need to compare quotes from different movers in Nairobi.

Never settle for the first quote you receive. Instead, ask at least three different moving companies to send you quotes for your move.

You should watch out for quotes that are conspicuously low.

If you are moving a house with more than 2 bedrooms, be wary of movers who gives you a final quote without sending their representatives to survey your home and scope out the job – since no mover can really give you a thorough quote without seeing what you want to move.

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iii) Verify Credentials

There are very many movers in Nairobi who neither have permanent offices nor valid registration status.

Ensure that every moving company that you engage is a legal business entity, have a formal address, and have the basics like a working website and contact information.

iv) Read Reviews and Complaints

Don’t just rely on what the moving company tells you.

Search the web to see what other customers are saying about the company.

On Google, you can search the company name and such terms as “complaints” and “reviews.

You can also review their complaints history on their social media pages.

v) Hire a local mover

Once you are done with your due dilligence, if possible, select the mover that is based closest to your area.

If you are moving from Machakos town, it’s better to get a mover based in Machakos.

Not only will it be cheaper, but you will also be in a position to visit the mover’s office and check out their way of doing things.

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